Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little Miracles

Something God has been teaching me lately (as in the last few months) has been to ask Him for things, and trust Him to meet my needs where I can't meet them, because I ask... So I ask for: Carparks close when I'm in a rush or tired, or just want free parking. Certain things to come on special. Grants and Scholarships. Extra assistance with you name it. Creative ideas. A holiday. A pinup board. Free gym membership for nearly 2 months. Clothes. Work. Money. Breaks in the traffic that are big enough my tired brain can see them. Friends. Entry to certain classes and courses that are not normally permitted - for credit at Uni. More free stuff. Parental figures. Heck, I ask for a lot... I used to think it was inappropriate to always be asking God for things, and that I should keep my requests to the "holy stuff". But He's taught me something. In my time of need. When stupid things are bothering me, and stupid things that I can't change, when I'm feeling overwhelmed by life, He understands. And he has an answer for every dumb situation that I find myself in where I think I can't cope. I have honestly been seeing God answer some rather big requests. About one a week. So yes, big problems, bigger God. It's taught me to lean on Him. To trust Him, and rely on Him, and know that where I am at my weakest He is at His most glorious, moment to shine and show off like a peacock, and shows me just how much He loves me. Just to illustrate the point, I was at a prayer meeting tonight. There was a fellow there who paces... in all sorts of directions at all angles, and he doesn't seem to follow the rules of personal space bubbles, but if you move to give him more space he follows (seriously thought the guy was magnetised to me tonight! Argh!). Anyhow, at best it is annoying. At worst it is totally unnerving - get this guy away from me he's driving me crazy! (Maybe he's ADHD, but regardless, gets on my nerves.) Tonight was somewhere in between, but certainly was distracting. I was thinking here we go, I won't be able to focus on God because I'm constantly aware of this guy who keeps bumping into me or nearly running me over, etc. Then I had this little nudge from God, "Ask me to do something about it." So I asked, "Um, please move that guy away from me and put an angel there instead." Next thing, he moves across the room (sorry everyone on that side!) and then one of the pastor's children got a bit upset, so next thing he was standing next to me instead (as I was near his children), so the other dude was kinda stuck the other side of the room for pretty much the rest of the night. So there you have it, my pastor is an angel. :P Um, okay, maybe not, but it was funny answer to prayer, and yes, it was much easier for me to relax after that! That might sound like a big deal out of nothing, and in a sense, it kinda was. But it was important to me, so it was important to God. Think about it. I couldn't focus. I was feeling unnerved. So God switched it around, and put someone next to me who would have the complete opposite affect. The atmosphere Johnny carries is one of God's presence and peace, not of agitation. As stupid as it may sound, I needed that to be able to relax into God's arms so to speak. So He provided it. Like He does every other little thing I need. There is something so sweet about that place with God. It's sacred. It's not like a vending machine at all. It's much more like asking someone who is trying to win your heart and affection for a favour, and then savouring the moment when they joyfully do the task for you, and whispering a heartfelt thank you, that echoes in both of your hearts, with that shared smile no-one else can enter.

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