Saturday, December 6, 2008

What Would Jesus Do? (Part 1 of 3)

I remember when the whole WWJD movement started. Oh how I hated it! What would Jesus do if he saw the poor and hungry? What would Jesus do if he was walking down the main street? What would Jesus do if he saw an old man with a walking frame trying to open a shop door?

I remember the things that people said, and still do say about that.

Well, we should do what Jesus would do, so we should sponsor a child, smile at the people we walk past, and open the door for the man. Right? Wrong!

Let me tell you what Jesus did.

  1. He multiplied the food for everyone! (With leftovers)
  2. He cursed the fig tree on one of His visits. He also generally preached where ever He went. Oh, and He "healed all who were oppressed of the devil for God was with Him."
  3. I guess that means he would have healed the lame man... like He did on many different occasions.

I guess being like Jesus has a different meaning to what we have been taught...


Anonymous said...


I have always disliked the WWJD movement, because:

1. We need to know what Jesus has done for us as our Saviour as the foundation for following what Jesus has done as our example. WHJDFM (what has Jesus done for me?) is the motivation for WWJD.

2. It's gimmicky. "Hey! Let's buy a WWJD bracelet and now we're following Jesus!"

3. It reduces following Jesus to a bit of a game, rather than a relationship. We become conformed to Christ not by playing what can become a confusing/silly game ("Would Jesus have used a Mac or a PC?") but by trusting Him more and getting to know Him more and having Him transform our lives so that we are loving, open-the-door-for-the-old-man people. It's no longer a game but a natural extension of our relationship with Him.

4. Jesus is Jesus. I am me. Jesus is God. I am me - and woe betide me if I try to play God. Sure, we should be like Jesus in His humanity. But should we try to get everyone to worship us? Heaven forbid.

But...I'm not exactly sure what your gripe is... :)

(By the way, do answer!...but I'm away on holidays as of 20 minutes from now! So, I might not reply immediately.)

Felicity said...

I agree! It did seem like a little "Christianise" game that people play, and I hated it. God's not here to play little games of who looks like a better Christian. He said, "Take up your cross and follow me." I think I'll answer your question in my next post. (Part 2)